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Found 13 results

  1. Hey guys, tldr: I'd love to know if any of you would be interested in a noBackend solution for turn based games. For you (as a game dev) that would mean just program 2 files for a game: client.js (all the game design) and server.js (the game logic, so that cheats are prevented) and upload them, and you would have your game online, with all the multiplayer functionality (login, invitation flow, game creation, notifications, chat) for free. These are not words in the air, most of the pieces are technically coded already. Longer version: After having spent an important time looking around, it seems that nowadays, making a multiplayer game cannot go without having to set up a backend and some kind of infra. More importantly, most games that I have seen that supposedly offer a multiplayer functionality, are actually lacking most of the important features to do so. In particular, it seems almost impossible to play with friends in any of them. And in a way, it totally makes sense: When you are an indie developer, what you're mostly interested in is designing a great game, not dealing with all the stuff that has to go around it. And the sad part is that some great games never make it online because of these barriers. I have been working on a game (adaptation of Risk) for a long time - can be found at http://plynd.com ; already mentionned in an earlier post on this forum. And as a matter of fact, all the extra stuff (what I call the beyond-the-game experience) really interests me, as I am a backend engineer originally. And all the work that I've done for Risk has no reason not to serve other people. Therefore I am turning this game into a platform, and these are the specs: - All the identity and game management flow is taken care of by the platform (think of : "you've been invited by .. to play" or "it is your turn") - The backend is provided to store your game state (think plain json) - The realtime and notification flow is for free => This would basically always set you up in a situation where n players have joined your game. Which means that, as a game developer you can just focus on 2 things: - implement all the game design within one client.js file. It is run in the browser of the user. nothing new there. - implement all the game logic that you do not want to run on the client side in server.js. This is where the game state should be updated (to react to players' events). This will run on our servers and you will have a seamless bridge to call these functions from the client.js file. This is not completely implemented yet, I am working hard to make it happen with a friend of mine. But we have technically proven all the pieces required to make it work. We are now working on making a very basic Connect-4 so people can see how it would really all work together. Note: the game would be available everywhere (iOS, Android, web) within dedicated apps (but that's HTML5, so you were expecting it right?) So (finally) comes the questions: would you see that as interesting? Would you use it? What would be your potential concerns? Aside from the technical aspect (that we are pretty confident about) do you think we are completely off somewhere? Thank you very much for reading this very long post! Laurent
  2. Hi, I've recently created an HTML5 game, developed using Phaser called Fantasy Wars. You can play now on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Links can be found at https://www.miyagigames.com/. Below is a short description of the game and some of the art. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Fantasy Wars is a turn-based strategy game where six fantasy races: Humans, Orcs, Elves, Undead, Dwarves, and Drow vie for supremacy in a small crowded world. Features: - 6 races, each with a unique special, strengths and weaknesses. - Epic campaign with 25 missions - Randomly generated map so no two games will be the same. Choose your race. Do you upgrade your troops, or buy more armies? Make a choice, take a risk and conquer the world.
  3. Hello there! I basically just want to present my personal game project and to collect some feedback and ideas. The game is currently in the alpha phase and there might be bugs and problems but I feel confident enough to show it to the public. The game is called "Connect 3D" and it is a free to play competitive online browser game, where you have to place four tokens in a row to score. However, the game is not as easy as it sounds because the rows can be build in the three dimensional space. This GIF shows a local game session but the game can also be played online. You just have to send the link of the session to one of your friends. Currently you need a second person to play since there is no AI or computer enemy to play against. It works on mobile and on desktops, but you should try it on a modern device and with an up to date browser. There are known problems in Firefox on Windows and on Android. Therefore I recommend to try it in Chrome, Safari or Edge. You can give it a try for free on the website Connect 3D. The feedback is very important for me and the development. I really appreciate your feedback! I plan on implementing much more stuff if the feedback is positive. Possible next features: Personal Profiles and Statistics Level/Rank System (implies profiles) Public Games (join random people and play against them) Tournaments/Competitive Play Computer Opponent (AI) Different Game Modes and many more... Tell me your opinion and what you would enjoy the most in an upcoming version? Thank you for your help! iflow
  4. Company of Merchant Adventurers is a trading game based on the C64 game Hanse from the 80ies. It's a browser game completely in HTML5/JS and using Phaser for some game elements like the Map or the mini-games. It's got a bit of multiplayer as you can see other merchants in towns and buy shares or attack their ships and harbours. The goal of the game is to claim the title of Mayor in London. This can only be done by wisely trading the goods returned by your merchant fleet. The game is not commercial and I've developed it as a hobby game programmer. It's in english and german language (settings at the top). If you like trading games - turn based trading strategy, and maybe enjoyed the game Hanse - you will enjoy a quick round of my Merchant Adventurers - give it a go and let me know what you think - trade's up! Login and register free at: http://trader.thomashopes.de/indexgame.php More details and blog: http://trader.thomashopes.de
  5. Hey guys I have just openly released an alpha version of my first pc game Picswars made with Phaser, check it out on http://picswars.io! It is multiplayer, about capturing and drawing pixels and will not take more than 10 minutes off you day. Any feedback is welcome! Please leave the comments here, inside the game chat or open issues on GH https://github.com/cbrwizard/picswars.io/issues/new I will continue working hard on it in the following months, so expect enhancements, fixes, etc.
  6. Hi guys, I'm new to this forum, and new to HTML games whatsoever. I would like to ask for some suggestions for a game (both framework/language-wise and feature wise) I'm making for my bachelor thesis project. The basic idea of the game is that one player is a hacker and another player is a security engineer protecting his computer (think of it as a pokemon battle). The game shold be run server-side because player moves need to be evaluated in the end, telling him what he did wrong, where he could be better (the company I'm making it for is going to use it on security seminars) As far as I can imagine it can be as simple as PHP/Javascript/MySQL. But I would like it to be responsive (for using on mobile devices) and good looking. What framework would you recommend? Thanks!
  7. I am planning to make a tactical turn based combat game and would really like to know, whether the community will like to play such kind of a game in HTML5. For those who don't know what genre it is i used a famous game name in poll title. Please feel free to leave comments. P.S. The game will not be a copy of Heathstone. The poll name is just a simple way to show the game genre/type.
  8. Hi HTML5 devs! I just released a tutorial on how to build a fully multiplayer game on Plynd I've been contributing to this forum a few times, especially in this topic: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/9324-thoughts-on-final-design-for-nobackend-cross-device-platform-for-turn-based-games/ Plynd allows to build multiplayer games as easily as solo games: ​No backend required: We provide the infrastructure! You can save and retrieve all the data that you need about your game without any server to set up. Even better, you can register some javascript functions to be run server-side.Full multiplayer environment: We provide the coding-expensive experience of setting up a multiplayer game: Authentication flow, invitation, matching, notifications, chat, and more are there automatically for your players to enjoy.The tutorial covers everything that's needed in order to build such a game. It is very detailed, but pretty fast to take. I'd love to have your feedback on it, and I'm available on this forum, or at [email protected], to answer any question you might have regarding this tuto or whatever else :-) Also, if you have any suggestion as to where to showcase this tutorial in order to get some readers, I'd love to take them :-) Thank you very much! Demo video.mov
  9. Hey there, guys and gals! I'm Jan of Hypnotic Owl and I'm proud to announce July 23rd as the release date for our first bigger project, The Wizard! The Wizard is a quirky, turn-based dungeon puzzler with an unique spell casting system, lovely 16bit-look and high-quality soundtrack. You play as the exceptionally handsome but uneducated wizard Kevin, whose good looks have just been stolen. The pursuit of the mysterious thief leads you down to the dangerous dungeons underneath the wizard academy. There you'll encounter mythical monsters, discover powerful spell gestures and improve your newfound abilities with the experience you gain to catch the thief and reclaim your beautiful face. The game was developed using the Phaser framework and runs on PC, tablets and mobile devices using an up-to-date browser, preferably Chrome. Upon release, the game will be playable for free on our website. If we see enough interest for the game we plan to develop a sequel featuring a new story and roguelike-mode! Until then you can find more informations about the game, the development and a trailer on our website: Game page & Trailer Blog Post: The Birth of The Wizard Blog Post: The Design of The Wizard Part 1: Walking Blog Post: The Design of The Wizard Part 2: Spellcasting And here some more screenshots: Cheers!
  10. Hi everyone, im new in this forum, i was looking for some tutorial or knowleage about creating turn-based games, im new in this paradigma; i work with C#, and javascript for a long time now. I have created a few games, but i need to add the turn based asynchronic part to them. If you have some ebooks, or internet tutorial about how to create from 0 a turn-based game, it will be very usefull for me. I would like to make a clone of trivia crack with diferent options. Thank you!
  11. I made a little HTML5 game. It's a randomly generated turn-based puzzle game about surviving the attack of killer robots. There's a randomly gneerated board where you'll see a man and some robots. You can move the man to any of the squares near him. Clicking on the man will dangerously teleport him to a random location. Teleporting may cause instant dead, so be careful with that. You can't attack the robots directly, but you can make the robots crash into each other. You win by making all the robots die. You lose if a robot gets to the square the man is in. Once you clean a level you move to a next level, where you'll fight one more robot than before. Eventually you will die. Note: Sometimes the game doesn't fully load the first time. Reloading the page usually works.
  12. Hi guys, I need some general advices regarding building a turn-based multiplayer game using HTML5 that runs of Facebook. It would be my first multiplayer game, so please be kind with me It's a sort of "quiz-game" in which you: 1. select a Facebook friend to challenge and 2. answer 3 different questions Then, when the other player has completed his turn, the game will choose the winner. I believe that the server logic it's very simple because it only has to 1. calculate the players' scores on each answer 2. check who's the winner 3. post the scores to a database to build a leader board. I'd like to know which is the best way, the best library or the best tech-stack to build such a multiplayer environment. I need to connect two players to the same game (asynchronously, they don't need to be connected at the same time), having their scores updated by a server (to avoid cheating). I'm looking for something like PeerJS (http://peerjs.com/examples), don't know if there's something more specific. I need a simple solution that works Thanks for you advices
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