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Framework to build multiplayer games

Laurent Sigal

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Yo guys,




I thought I'd throw a question in here : so how would you guys go about building a multiplayer game?

And what if you want to port it over to multiple devices?


Would you see any framework doing that? Other than being hosted within Kik or one of their competitors?


If you have experience with any, would you mind sharing about it?



Thanks a lot! 



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That's a good question to which I have no tested answer to provide.


However, I asked the same question in the chat couple of weeks ago, if memory serves, Sebastian recommended me socket.io


"Socket.IO enables real-time bidirectional event-based communication.
It works on every platform, browser or device, focusing equally on reliability and speed."




I haven't tested it, yet, because I'm quite busy with tons of things, however, it was worth a bookmark, obviously.


So, in exchange of this piece of information, it would be great if you could build a little something on your own and share your experience/feedback here, about it, ie, if it was a walk in the park or a huge pain in the $ss to make it work, if you ever succeed to.



Also, you might want to take a look at this:




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Hey Jul, thanks for your reply!



And please let me know if I'm not using the forum properly or if I could post this question somewhere else. I am new here, and after having looked for a while, could not find a similar topic already existing.


Socket.io is interesting, and I am actually using it.

But it does not solve the issue of authentication in itself, which is very important if you want to have a game that you can play from several devices seamlessly.



Huge disclaimer: I have been developing an adaptation of Risk - can be found here http://armsrace.co ; and my friend with who I've been working has posted about it on 

I had to do a lot of things to fill my needs, and I am now thinking that this would be very valuable for other developers as well, which is why I asked this question.

In fact, most of the development was involving things around the game and not the game itself (set up the realtime & cross-device architecture) and I believe I could now make it something like a platform.



I'd love to have other developers feedback on what they currently use now, and if I could build something that would fulfill more their needs.





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