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Deep problem with PIXI


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Hi guys,

I have a very particoular problem with PIXI.


Pratically I have a component that loads images and apply it in an async way when they are loaded:

sprite.loader = new PIXI.ImageLoader(url);sprite.loader.onLoaded = function () {         var texture;    // Texture to apply            // Check if a crop was passed            if (typeof crop !== 'undefined') {                // Create a new Texture by cropping the loaded Texture                texture = new PIXI.Texture(PIXI.TextureCache[url], crop);            } else {                texture = PIXI.TextureCache[url];            }            // Apply the Texture to the Sprite            self.applyTexture(sprite, texture, size, zoom);            // Invoke the callback if specified            if (typeof callback === 'function') {                callback(sprite);            }};

Now I have another component that sets the Sprite in a relative SpriteBatch, based on its BaseTexture:

        // Get the ID of the Texture        textureId = sprite.texture.baseTexture.imageUrl;        // Get the SpriteBatch relative to the Texture        spriteBatch = self.SpriteBatches[sprite.texture.baseTexture.imageUrl];        // Check if there exist a SpriteBatch for the Texture, otherwise create it.        // (to improve performance a SpriteBatch should have only Sprites with the same BaseTexture)        if (typeof spriteBatch === 'undefined') {            spriteBatch = new PIXI.SpriteBatch();                                  // Create the SpriteBatch container            self.SpriteBatches[sprite.texture.baseTexture.imageUrl] = spriteBatch; // Store it            self.container.addChild(spriteBatch);         // Add it to the main Container in the Stage        }        // Get the Sprite parent (current container)        parent = sprite.parent;        // Add the Sprite in the SpriteBatch        spriteBatch.addChild(sprite);}

Now it seems to work, but when it loads a new Texture for the sprites (the first code I wrote), it gives the error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'x0' of null


Do you know what could it be?

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This is the way I am applying texture:

self.applyTexture = function (sprite, texture, size, zoom) {        // Set Texture to Sprite        sprite.setTexture(texture);        // Update Sprite size          this.updateSpriteSize(sprite, zoom);    };

And this is the call stack:
PIXI.WebGLFastSpriteBatch.renderSprite pixi.dev.js:8200

PIXI.WebGLFastSpriteBatch.render pixi.dev.js:8135

PIXI.SpriteBatch._renderWebGL pixi.dev.js:2243

PIXI.DisplayObjectContainer._renderWebGL pixi.dev.js:1678

PIXI.DisplayObjectContainer._renderWebGL pixi.dev.js:1678

PIXI.DisplayObjectContainer._renderWebGL pixi.dev.js:1678

PIXI.WebGLRenderer.renderDisplayObject pixi.dev.js:6680

PIXI.WebGLRenderer.render pixi.dev.js:6610


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