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[Community ask] AssetsManager


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Hey team!!


I've just published new beta for 1.14 with AssetsManager inside. I would love to get your feedbacks in order to update it if required.

More info here: https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/wiki/Using-AssetsManager


The AssetsManager comes with LoadingScreen feature that you can see now live on www.babylonjs.com when you load main scenes.


Feedbacks welcome as well

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I will soon test to replace what I had done on the editor of terrain of CastorEngine . Thanks for this interesting feature.


I have an idea for improvement that would be to change the loading icon and the text if you want to put it in french or other for example.

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Here are the improvements that I propose for loadingUi:

  • - be able to edit the image to loading.
  • - being able to changed the color of the black background and might be able to put a picture (but change the color already would be good).
I have not yet managed to adapt AssetsManager to my project which uses a loading of the scene pretty special and that is somehow also an AssetsManager. But LoadingUI adds a real more my scene loading system.



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Thanks DK.

It of Ui or UI because you with written loadingUI and what works is loadingUi (the i is lowercase) and in the wiki you with written loadingUi (i lowercase) to change the text and loadingUI (i uppercase) to change the color.


I guess that all should be capitalized (UI and not Ui) ?


And engine.loadingUIBackgroundColor does not work. but may be that you have not yet been updated on GitHub

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Question: When assetmanager loads a .babylon file, how does it load the textures attached to it?

Here's a demo: http://steinhauer.x10.mx/camera

As you can probably see, the assets loader seems to load the meshes, then begins the game. (I know the meshes themselves are loaded because the invisible character collides with it) Then after a while the images are loaded.

How can this be fixed?



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  • 2 weeks later...

K So I've seen this way to load a image for a mesh:

materialSphere1.diffuseTexture = new BABYLON.Texture("grass.png", scene);

So... what if you have an already loaded image in the assetsmanager? How does one use a pre-loaded image? 


Also, there seems to be a strange glitch when you set "assetsManager.useDefaultloader = false".

Try this. Set up a loader that does not have the default loader. Then, while it's loading, leave the tab. Wait for everything to load, and switch back. The default loader is stuck, and visible! Sometimes it's not visible, but overlays the canvas, so no mouse inputs.

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Ok, I figured out the problem!


I think you must have updated it now, but I'm pretty sure github said to hide the loading screen the variable was "useDefaultLoader". Now it seems to be "useDefaultLoadingScreen"


:D So that was my problem. :)


Also, thanks for the loadTexture! On a separate note, could it be possible to have a "chicken.material.diffuse = textureFromImage("",etc,etc)", or something like that? Thanks!

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