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Getting the name of the sprite clicked? (SOLVED)


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Hi guys


I'm trying to figure out how to get the name of a sprite I just clicked/tapped.


in Flash, I would use something like event.target.name, to get the name of the sprite.


I tried different ways of writing this up in Panda, but can't seem to get the right syntax.


Thank you heaps for any help!

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Thank again!!


I've been playing around with the code a bit and found that ...


if (event.target == ninja1) {console.log('You clicked ninja 1');} else if (event.target == ninja2) {console.log('You clicked ninja 1');}
... also works. The only thing I can't seem to get, is the actual printout of the objects name.
all I get in the console is ...
>class >object
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I'm not sure what you mean by "name". Well you can't display the name of the variable, only its value.

function clickHandler() { console.log("You clicked " + this.name);};var ninja1 = new game.Sprite( ... );ninja1.name = "Ninja 1";ninja1.click = ninja1.tap = clickHandler.bind(ninja1);ninja1.interactive = true;

Something like that. Just give all your sprites a name property.

But maybe I just don't understand what you really want to achieve.

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Yeah, I was expecting to be able to print out the name of the variable. Thank you for clearing that up ( I have a lot to learn ).


I'm used to working with flash and the ide, and this process is a little different (I'm starting to get hang of it tho).


This is definitely all I need to get my level working, so thank you heaps for all you help :)

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