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Space Garbage Warrior 2988: Showcase/Questions


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I participated in the bit-it 48 hour game jam this weekend. Here's the result:


Play it here!

Fork on Github


I think if I had another 24 hours or so, I would have been able to make an interesting game. That being said, I have a few questions:


1. The body for the "blackhole" object seems to be completely broken. Enemies collide erratically. No matter how many times I tried changing the body of the blackhole/trash or debugging, nothing would make the collisions work properly.


2. Using destroy within a callback function for any of Phaser's built in forEach functions on groups seems to break the game because it doesn't update the index of the internal array.


3. Are you able to assign click events to text? I tried using text as a button at one point for the shop, but gave up and created a text-sprite instead. 


4. Fluid physics between "black holes". We tried to mimic planetary gravity around black holes, but our method doesn't allow us to place more than one. Does anyone know how this is possible or a resource that can point me in the right direction?

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