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Found 22 results

  1. Espada de Sheris TrailerMODE Overview Espada de Sheris is a captivating indie 2D platformer that centers around parkour, starring Kibo, a feline European ninja armed with the Espada de Sheris. The game unfolds in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by duzker aliens from the 4000s, as Kibo battles these masked adversaries to restore balance to the shattered planet. Story Set in a futuristic Earth divided between cats and duzker aliens, Kibo, armed with the Espada de Sheris, takes players on an adventurous journey through chapters where defeating masked duzkers is pivotal to saving the world. The narrative holds promise, blending elements of science fiction and action in a unique, cat-centric universe. Gameplay & Features Parkour Levels: The game's focus on parkour adds depth and dynamism to the platformer experience, promising engaging gameplay. Music & Graphics: The incorporation of hip-hop music alongside distinctive pixel graphics delivers an immersive ambiance, enhancing the overall gaming atmosphere. User-Friendly Controls: Intuitive character controls ensure accessibility for players of varying skill levels. Continual Updates: The commitment to updating the game up to Chapter Five demonstrates dedication to content evolution and player engagement. Accessibility: The game's compatibility with touch and non-touch screens widens its accessibility, inviting more players to join in. Free-to-Play Model: The F2P model encourages wider adoption and enables players to explore the game without financial barriers. Developer Profile - SketBR SketBR, an anonymous Brazilian web user passionate about science fiction, showcases a versatile skill set honed since 2015. With a background in game development and a creative portfolio spanning manga, instrumental music, loops, and animations aimed at Portuguese-speaking audiences, SketBR's dedication to diverse creative endeavors is evident. PlayMODE Screenshots Conclusion Espada de Sheris offers a promising blend of engaging gameplay, an intriguing storyline, and a developer with a rich creative background. The game's fusion of parkour mechanics, hip-hop music, and pixel graphics presents an immersive experience that's both accessible and continuously evolving through updates. With its unique premise and developer's creative prowess, Espada de Sheris holds significant potential for captivating a wide audience.
  2. Hey everyone. I am building a web based 3D interactive showcase of a spacecraft's journey. Most of the users are expected to be accessing it via low to mid range androids, so for performance I've decided upon three.js, rather than babylon.js. Correct me if I'm wrong in this. I've worked as a web developer and dabbled with game development with Phaser and Godot, but haven't built anything with three.js or babylon. So I wanted your advice on best practices and resources; things that my future self would wish I had known before starting. Here's some more information: The showcase will be separated into scenes, which can be navigated via a timeline, which also highlights the current date, if it's in range. In addition to the animated view of spacecraft's trajectory and position, it will have some cinematic scenes of the rocket exiting the atmosphere and a lander landing on the target body as well. I might even consider making the rover user controllable. Here's one inspiration from NatGeo. Any help is appreciated.
  3. I have an online games site- ozogames dot com and I am alloting one spot in my front page for any game (must be responsive). Site gets 150uv a day. 15$ for 30 days. Here is where your game will be-
  4. Actually surprised this topic didn't exist yet. With all the great technologies around and well-qualified devs behind them there are many examples to look at. I'll just quickly go through things I'm the most aware of. Feel free to add any others which you know about. I consider myself a programmer mostly, so will go with tech-based approach, grouping things by framework/engine principle. (That's where 'Tools' in the topic name came from.) Flambe I'm starting with it since HTML5 is the main Flambe target and there's even this topic here: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/3816-80-html5-games-on-the-flambe-haxe-showcase/ Though I never properly tried Flambe myself (not a big fan of ECS), that's surely a tool that can be used to achieve great results. Check this article for example: https://medium.com/@mknol/building-42-games-within-a-year-insane-game-development-5340d506068f Obviously there is a mighty OpenFL HTML5 showcase: http://www.openfl.org/showcase/html5/. Well, honestly, I think it wants to be updated. But what really caught my eye recently is this 3D racing demo: http://community.openfl.org/t/html5-3d-racing-game/8663 If you're into more low-level stuff, you've probably heard of Kha framework. Some 2D games to look at, made by Wy Leong with his custom 2D game engine (https://github.com/laxa88/wyngine): https://wyleong.itch.io/pollen https://wyleong.itch.io/hurdles https://wyleong.itch.io/adventuroads https://wyleong.itch.io/flappy-soot Some more 3D? Sure: http://luboslenco.com/ld/33_dungeons_deep/ luxe Is another engine that I never looked closely at (shame on me!) I guess the most notable examples are WebGL ports of QWOP http://www.foddy.net/Athletics.html?webgl=true and Threes http://play.threesgame.com And now I'm gonna take a break just to add more info later when I have time. There are still many wonderful tools (and games made with them) to be mentioned: HaxeFlixel HaxePunk Heaps Genome2D Externs for JS libraries So please don't hesitate to post you projects here while I'm gathering more info and preparing another big topic . P.S. Not sure why this subforum is quite silent. Probably just not the place where haxe devs hang out. Let's see if it's possible to liven things up a bit.
  5. A puzzle platformer where you stop the evil penguin from rebuilding the Tower of Babel, with ice. Created with Phaser in Haxe. Overlap2D used for level designing. Play on Web Screenshots
  6. Dear readers, I have been developing a game 'Cosmic Cargo' - it is nearing completion and I am hoping to get some feedback on the game. It's an arcadey 2D spaceship game, the aim of which is to fly as far along the cargo route as you can. The gravity fields of nearby planets are both a hazard and a useful resource for guiding the ship along your flight path. This was designed as a multiplayer game but I've recently added a single player version for those who would otherwise experience high latency in connecting to the London based server. The ship points at your mouse cursor, it's left click to use standard thrusters, right click to boost. The winner of the game is the player who makes it furthest along the route, or the player who completes that distance in the shortest time. Fuel conservation is crucial if you want to make a long journey. The game itself is drawn in the HTML Canvas, with the HUD area being HTML elements altered with JavaScript/CSS. The server is done with Socket.io. It is not mobile friendly and probably won't be - but should work on any up to date browser. Here's what it looks like. Feedback on any area of the game would be greatly appreciated - gameplay, graphics, UI, the code, any bugs, or any things surrounding HTML game production. I am an amateur coder and this was largely a learning exercise that I got a bit carried away with so please feel free to make your thoughts known! If you have any questions about the game I'm more than happy to answer them. Here's a link: http://cosmic-cargo.tbellew.co.uk/ Kind regards, -BuRrRrrRrRrrrRrrrRrrr
  7. Hey everyone, i am a game dev since a while now but i got into the html5 games few weeks ago, i wanted to show you guys some demos of my games and want to hear ur opinion about it : The first game is called "Paoro" , its an endless scoring type game, very easy to play and addictive, all the player needs is to press any button to jump , then he must climp the highest possible avoiding more than 40 possible obstacles: screenshot: link : https://kayisse.itch.io/paoro?secret=QNlASGCXcUtJdhTqgNSnzsdqiI The second game is called Tynoo, its an endless game too but lil bit more complicated and original in the same time, the player in this game must defend the moon from the falling asteroids by shooting the right color at the right asteroids, he will have to mix for example: red and blue to get the purple shoot..etc screenshot: link : https://12walid34.itch.io/tynoo-html-demo?secret=2o0Mf8ktV6y2lyk2sxfuxIDSbo the last is a project still in progress, it's called "kyo", its about a ninja with some special skill who solve puzzles , avoid traps, fighting enemies..etc, its a 2D platformer with a black/white art style like limbo, i've uploaded few levels so you guys tell me what you think of it, screenshot(taken from the mobile test verson): link: https://12walid34.itch.io/kyo-html-demo (use the arrow keys to move and numpad2 to shoot ) the first two games can be found for free in android (playstore) , the last is still in developpement like i said, we still have some other games but we didnt build the html versions of them, i want to know what you guys think of our games ? which parts are good and which are bad ? how much does this small games usually cost ? is it normal that we haven't got any revenue yet ( yeap 0$) , i tried to contact so many sponsors i've seen in this forum, only armorgames replied and they said they were not interested thanks for the feedback, enjoy
  8. Hey guys, I haven't posted here in awhile and saw the showcase category. Figured I would show a html5 project that I was a part of among others in the team. This was my first large JS/html5 project. I learned a lot but in hindsight, wish we used an engine instead of trying to make one out of a early game demo. Still, can't complain become sometimes learning the hard way is for the best. Without futher droning, I present Paragon Crusade. http://apps.id.net/paragon-crusade Team included Adam Cheong Genard Mary Jean Pedroso Matthieu Jean Jardeleza Olesh Beau Lovett Andrew McCormick
  9. Hey, Sorry if this is being considered as spam but I just wanted all devs on here to know that I am offering them space on my new website to showcase their games. www.webheed.com - Your Games Section. It is a review site also so if you would like your game reviewed also then I can of course do that no problem. Contact me on Twitter: www.twitter.com/kieranaitken90 Contact me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/webheed Regards and best of luck with your development. Kieran - (WebHeed)
  10. A couple years ago, I was introduced into the world of game development using LibGDX. I made some little games, but they always stayed at home. Then I started learning HTML5 development, and got to know Phaser !!! So Gravitron is my first published game. It's made completely with Phaser. It is a zero-gravity adventure puzzle where you move tokens in a board and try to get one of them - the red one - to the tile in the center. You can play it on Itch.io (http://neko250.itch.io/gravitron) or on Game Jolt (http://gamejolt.com/games/puzzle/gravitron/42799/). Also, you can find its source code on Github (https://github.com/Neko250/Gravitron). Please, enjoy it !
  11. Hi Community! this is my first post here, and I wanted to show my first game. I had a lot of fun with phaser, so I can only recommend the framework. The objective of the game is to earn points by joining blocks of the same color, trying not to accumulate blocks of different colors. You also have to avoid falling (like flappy bird). You can clone the repository and change whatever you want:-) Repository: https://github.com/camiloei/Astro-encryption here is the online version of the game. Online: http://bit.ly/1mVMQ5N you can contact me on Twitter if you want @camiloei, but i usually tweet in Spanish. Screenshots Hope you like it!
  12. I participated in the bit-it 48 hour game jam this weekend. Here's the result: Play it here! Fork on Github I think if I had another 24 hours or so, I would have been able to make an interesting game. That being said, I have a few questions: 1. The body for the "blackhole" object seems to be completely broken. Enemies collide erratically. No matter how many times I tried changing the body of the blackhole/trash or debugging, nothing would make the collisions work properly. 2. Using destroy within a callback function for any of Phaser's built in forEach functions on groups seems to break the game because it doesn't update the index of the internal array. 3. Are you able to assign click events to text? I tried using text as a button at one point for the shop, but gave up and created a text-sprite instead. 4. Fluid physics between "black holes". We tried to mimic planetary gravity around black holes, but our method doesn't allow us to place more than one. Does anyone know how this is possible or a resource that can point me in the right direction?
  13. Blockenstein is a very simple yet challenging platformer where players complete levels by jumping over blocks. The game currently has 100 levels that will easily provide the player with a fun and challenging experience. Blockenstein is a free web game built in Html5 with phaser, meaning that you can play it from a browser on almost any device! You can play it in your browser right now at blockenstein.com. Feel free to let me know if you have any feedback/suggestions or even any questions.
  14. Not quite a finished game showcase - but thought everyone might like to see a WIP gameplay trailer for "The Marvellous Miss Take". "The Marvellous Miss Take" is a pure HTML5 / JavaScript / WebGL game created with the Turbulenz Engine supporting touch, controllers, and mouse input. The game is made with a built-in editor, demonstrated in this video: It'll be online soon to play and checkout. Hope you like it.
  15. Hi, I'd like to showcase my second game in Phaser. Its a math game. I did the graphics and code. Please feel free to add your comment. Thanks,
  16. Moon is a my first Phaser game... well if I'm entirely honest its pretty much the first proper game I have ever made other than a few experiments here and there. It is a take on the classic Lunar Lander. Its intended for mobiles primarily, and is by no means completely finished. I need to add sound, a loading bar, iron out a few bugs, and add a lot of polish to menus and instructions etc but it is coming along nicely. I am also considering implementing gyroscope controls if possible, but we will have to see how that goes It is pretty hard, I know, and I have actually been slowly decreasing the difficulty although I want to avoid making it too easy. I have used p2 for physics so it is a little performance heavy, but I have tested it on an iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad 3rd gen, and HTC One all at 60fps so I am fairly pleased. On a very old and clogged up iPhone 4 it was still getting 30+ so not too bad. Anyway you can play it here: Moon I would love to hear what you think, and if you have any suggestion or discover a bug please let me know! Likewise if you have any questions about the game fire away
  17. My first HTML5 game, made in Phaser, has been entered in the clay.io "Got Game?" contest for student game developers. If you play it and take the time to leave a rating or review, you directly help my chances of winning, so please play it and rate if you enjoy. Brickety Split The game is about building the tallest wall you can by avoiding bricks that fall from the sky as enemies attempt to trap you. I wrote a detailed post-mortem of my development process. You can read it on my website: http://nathanielnelson.com/brickety-split-release-post-mortem/ And if you have any feedback, please share it. I'm still updating the game and adding suggestions (within reason).
  18. As with all breakout/brick breaker type games the whole point is to break all the brick with the ball by bouncing it off of a paddle. The more bricks you break the higher your score. What makes this game unique is the that the game board is round with all the bricks at the center. The players paddle follows a path 360 degrees around the bricks. This can be quite tricky as there are no walls to protect your ball from leaving the playing area. You start the game with 5 lives and the game features 40 different levels. Various different power ups are dropped from random bricks, however not all of them are beneficial to the player. The power-ups include: +400 bonus scores 'Super ball' - ball penetrate all bricks on his way for 5s. 'Big paddle' - makes paddle bigger for 10 seconds. 'Extra life' - adds one extra life. '-400 penalty' - decreases scores by 400. 'Ghost ball' - makes ball transparent and not effective by 10 seconds. 'Small paddle' - makes paddle smaller by 10 seconds. 'Death' - kills current ball (-1 life). Controls: mouse or touches. Press 'ESC', 'P', space or button 'Pause' to pause the game. Link: http://gamejolt.com/games/arcade/round-breaker/23878/ This is my very first HTML5-game. Game is oriented on desktop and also is playable on tablets. I made it on pure JS without third-party engines and frameworks. Screenshot:
  19. Play as a space station orbiting the earth and dodge deadly space junk. Use up & down arrows to move. I made this in 48 hours for a game jam hosted by FGL. It's my first Phaser game, but won't be the last! If you want to know a little more about how I made it, I wrote about it here: http://www.allworkallplay.org/blog/orbital-debris-making-an-html5-game-with-phaser/
  20. Gamma

    Robo Dash

    Robo dash is a project that I have been working on for a couple of days now. I started a independent software studio back in 2012 named 'Somnibyte', and since 2012 I have been experimenting, but experimenting without any production. And so today I am happy to say that this is my first HTML5 game to be produced. It may still have some features to be implemented. I went with the theme of challenging/addicting, and so Robo Dash was the result. Robo Dash features a small robot toy named, 'Gamma'. The player is suppose to move Gamma across the kitchen table to dodge oranges that fall from the kitchen cabinets above. I hope you all enjoy this game. Feel free to post some feedback, ideas, bug reports, or comments. [ROBO DASH GAME] *Currently not optimized for mobile use, changes will take place soon.
  21. After the relative success of our first game, Clementine: horror sheep, and requests we should improve the game, we are about to come out with a new game called Clementine 2; the escape. This game would allow you to save and load and play as different characters. If you would like to see our old game it is here. Our developer page for the game is here. When the game is released I will let the community know. Thankyou! (see the attachment for development screenshot)
  22. Hi all. This is my first ever HTML5 game. Your goal in the game is to collect as many monsters as you can during three rounds. Different monsters are worth different amounts. Below are some screens. I would love your feedback on this game. I always strive to create the best games possible. If anyone is interested in a license of the game you can PM me or send an email to contact at karmaoctopus.com Game link: http://m.karmaoctopus.com/monstercollector/
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