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Very big spritesheet image not working correctly in iOS safari canvas


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I have a spritesheet image size: 1122px * 915px, 187px * 183px each, formatted as 6 x 5, total 30.


I created a sprite using the spritesheet. When I set this sprite start animation, the animation is shaking!

When it reached the last row, the image is compressed!


I did some online research and I found something that:

iOS safari canvas limit the image to 1024px * 1024px only.


Is this true?


I found a website that manage to display a big spritesheet image.

I tried to use their image in phaser but it's not working...


Anyone know why?




I uploaded the spritesheet for reference.


The website:



(it's a mobile web. So please view in a simulator or a mobile device.)






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In iOS if it can't load a texture then it simply doesn't appear (or Safari crashes!) - it doesn't scrunch it up. So what you're experiencing sounds like something else to be honest. Post up the atlas file you're using along with the image, and the bit of code to load / display it. Might be something in there. Unless it works perfectly on desktop and just dies on iOS?

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I've experienced the same shaking issue. Want to leave a note here for everyone else looking for a solution:

Keep you texture size power of two, that resolves the issue. (512 / 1024 / 2048, etc)

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