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What are the plans for Fresnel?


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Saw first step showing up.  Also, see it as a material setting in Blender.  Seems Blender defines it as an angle. http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:2.6/Manual/Materials/Properties/Mirror


Being defined here as a on/off, left color, right color.  I do not really know what this is, some kind of magnifying glass effect.  Is the plan to just switch on and defaulting on color when value is > 0 in Blender?



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Fresnel is computed like this:

	float fresnelTerm = dot(viewDirection, worldNormal);	return clamp(1.0 - fresnelTerm, 0., 1.);

This term is then use in diffuse, opacity and reflection computation so that you can create this kind of effect:



Fresnel needs a color for outside and a color for inside to define if you want the effect to move from outside to inside or the opposite

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