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need advice for 2d game


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Hello mladenst,


As you're asking for advice/things you're doing wrong :


1) Cache


Cache your assets (images in your case) -> only access the DOM once and store your images for good, don't access the DOM in each loops of each calls of yours draws.


2) Game loop


You should use requestAnimationFrame() instead of setTimeOut() (better when you're making games, it's optimized to take advantage of hardward acceleration - handled by GPU).


3) Code organization (up to you)


  • You should split the logic part (positions update of your entities + collisions checks) from the drawing part.
  • In your gameLoop :
    • first process positions and stuff (according to time and user input)
    • then check for collisions
    • finally draw


If you know a little object oriented programming, you could do stuff like player.move(), player.checkCollision() ...


This is all of the top of my head, I hope it will help you a little, there are lots of article about that kind of stuff (you could even use a game engine).



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