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Producing tones that match music in JS ingame.


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Hey all !


I'm a beginner in using phaserJS and i am amazed by all the powerful features that comes out of the box ! 


anyway my question is : how can i produce ingame sounds effects that has tones matching the BGM ?

Something like in super mario galaxy when you use a launch star and it produces a jingle that matches the BGM.


Here's an example from this game called ZONR.

( Notice how the tones produced when tapping are matching the music )




Thanks in advance.



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The way I've approached this is to match sound effects to the musical key of a background track. The key should ideally stay the same throughout a track, so you can use the same sound effects across an entire track, rather than trying to respond to the second-by-second changes of the music - possible, but a pain to code. I also don't change track within a level, so that the sound effects within a level also do not change.

All the sound effects in my game Luminarium (see signature), except for the button clicks and planet fill sounds, are tuned in this way. For example, the title track is in C# minor. All the beeps are a 5th above this (G#), and the win sound is a C#sus2 chord (C#/D#/G#).

It obviously helps if you're able to record the music and/or the sound effects yourself. I use an ancient version of Propellerhead Reason to do both. You might also be able to use stock background music, and just tune stock sound effects to fit.

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I think this is a great idea ! Would take time though !

But i should learn more about musical composition/ notes and find me a good generator to learn and make my own sounds.


Thanks a lot !


No worries!


If you wanted something to play around with, I can highly recommend Single Cell Software's Caustic 3. It's a synthesiser/sampler/sequencer that runs on Android and iOS, but also has free Windows and MacOS versions. It's like a distilled version of its much bigger desktop-only counterparts like Reason, so it's easy to play around with, even if you're new; yet, it also somehow manages to have many of the key features of desktop software. There's also sample tracks and patches for you to mess around with, not to mention lots of great video tutorials.


Let us know if you manage to create something fun :) .

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