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Step-by-step Mopub tutorial


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First you have to apply for an extended cocoonjs account with Ludei, otherwise you cannot use the ad framework with your own advertisements. It's free but they don't grant it to everyone and you have to be a bit patient.

On the Ludei website you can find information about the API to connect to Mopub.


Subscribe to mopub here:


Some info about the interface can be found here:


Hope this is helpful


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I have extended my Ludei account, but Mopub wrote me this:


I am reviewing your account for policy purposes. Would you kindly upload a screenshot of your Google Play admin page of the app that you would like approve, using the secure link below:


Please be sure to include your application's play store URL.




Does it mean I have to sign my app (every one), upload it to Google Play or Appstore and then send them screenshots? 

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