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[WIP] JavaScript native compiler


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I have recently started an open source project called "Dopple". Dopple is a native compiler for JavaScript that outputs C code (later, it will output LLVM as well). The idea is to analyze JavaScript as a static language with dynamic typing. Thus, evaluation and runtime code changes are not possible (or at least, not without a JIT compilation layer).


I started this project as I didn’t see any advances in this field: only a handful of wrappers are available and some of them are closed source. Even if JavaScript is relatively fast, drawing with it isn’t. Also, memory constraints are hard to meet in some instances. For example, on mobiles, we often only have about 50MB RAM at our disposal, if we want our apps to be stable. This limits the portability of HTML5 to only small apps on mobile platforms.


Example from PasteBin


I would love to hear opinions about this project! I will keep you posted on my progress as well.


GitHub, Twitter


Best, Arthur

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