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Internet Explorer with many assets loader issue.


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HI everybody.


I'm using phaser 2.0.2 and I have an issue with I.E.


When I load my game, I keep getting warning and error messages like  "Phaser.Loader error loading file : 'foo' from URL 'fooUrl'"(Warning) and/or "Unable to set property "loaded" of undefined or null reference"(Error)



Through some debugging, I've commented all the audio files and the game worked. However, when I was uncommenting the audios loader blocks to load it again, the error kept reappering.


The issue also appeared when I loaded just some of the files and kept refreshing the page.


Does anyone knows anything about it?


Thanks in advance!


Edit: The problem occurs in windows 7! In windows 8.1 is fine (don't know about windows 8)

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It sounds very much like this problem I was having




It would finally do the unable to set loaded on undefined message, after some other messages.


My problem was that the audio files didn't load and this was not being handled correctly - hiding the audio file loads and it worked without problem.  Obviously fixing the failed audio file loads also fixed the problem.

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On loader I get "Phaser.Loader error loading file : 'foo' from URL 'fooUrl'"


The warning only occurs on refresh page situations and with audio files


The game runs fine on a first load, but when I refresh, it keeps getting warnings loading assets (audios)


It seems to be a memory/cache issue of the I.E. , or something related do HTML audio...


Does anyone knows something about it?

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