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Page Flip Effect


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Hi there, I was wondering if anybody has any thoughts on or experience with using a 'page flipping effect' in a phaser canvas?

I'm trying to create an application that will allow the user to add posable characters, objects, text and backgrounds to create a small storybook.

We actually built this in Flash many years ago,

we'd like to see if we can rebuild this or something close to it, in Phaser.

any thoughts, ideas or pointers would be greatly appreciated...


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This should be reasonably straightforward to achieve. I built a page turn effect in Flash, and used bitmapdata to copy a page and then used that for the second part of the image (In my version you had 2 parts of each page, and masked them both to give the page turn effect.)

As bitmapdata is available in Phaser2 you could follow this approach.

If you wanted to use Phaser3, you'd have to work out a way of creating the duplicate pages (although, if it were going to have content as per your link, the data for that would be quite easy to create.)

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