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New panda.js example fiddler now online


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Hi There,


This weekend I spent some time on a new webpage with live code examples of panda.js. So far enpu has done a remarkable job on documentation already. (Documenting and writing tutorials for an engine is really time consuming). I wanted to contribute a bit so I wrote a small "panda.js fiddler.


On the site you can view small code examples and in addition the resulting code is shown in a live canvas. Even better: You can actually make adjustments to the code example and see the result on the fly! (It works sort like jsfiddle).


You can find the site at:



It runs completely without php (I used cookies to do so). If you want the source to host it on your own site, just let me know.

And yes, it is completely "panda style". :) I used the stylesheets of the original website. 




PS: I want to add much more examples in the near future, this is just the beginning with several "sprite examples".

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This is cool, I'm happy more people are starting to post tutorials and examples. Panda is an amazing engine and it needs the recognition!

I'm close to finishing my first Panda game, so once it's done, I'm hoping to post some tips and tricks on my website as well.


Thanks for the examples :)

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