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Moving a Mask

Son Tran-Nguyen

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It's a little bit hard to extract the code out since I'm writing using entity system. So I went a head and created a JSFiddle using the masking example from Pixi website, and with rubber duck debugging, I saw that I need to redraw the mask in every tick.


Which is kinda trouble some, since now that I need another system to update of the mask's position. But that's okay. I guess my use case of mask is not that practical :)


Thank @hubert for suggesting me about debugging it.

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Yes if you add the mask as a child of the sprite it's position become relative to it.


You can either change your paths position to lower values so its on top on the sprite, or set the position of the mask to negative value like i did here:




btw why are you drawing the mask every frame? Is it because you want to use a different shape of mask every frame?

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