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A few Phaser questions


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Hello. I've been playing with Phaser a bit more. Considering version 1 is still on the way out, it's a framework I'm happy with and would recommend to developers! Anyway, I have a few questions I could use some help with:


1) When I flip a character (flipped = true), the sprite seems to become a bit blurred. Also, the flipped version seems to have more of an offset in animations. For example, when not flipped, a walking animation could have a 1 pixel offset on each frame. However, once flipped, that becomes a 2 to 3 pixel offset. Just wondering if that's a known situation or I'm doing something wrong.


2) Is it possible to scale tween, or just adjust the scale in general? I've tried things like object.scale.x = 0.5, but that makes the object disappear entirely. Again, I could just be messing up somewhere.


3) Is there masking available at the moment?


4) Is it possible to rotate an object from its origin point? I think the source said it's unavailable at the moment but I'd like to confirm.


Thank you! Great work with the framework so far :D.

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1) This *should* be solved in 1.0 but I'd be pleased if you could double-check for me :) There is a test case of the animated mummy from Metal Slug walking back and forth across the screen and he doesn't appear to be blurred at all.


2) Definitely in 1.0 as I do it all the time, but I don't think it's in 0.95, sorry.


3) Not directly, but it can be achieved with a xor global composite operation.


4) Definitely in 1.0! The origin can be set anywhere within the sprite and rotation and scaling take effect from that point. Again I use this quite extensively now myself. In the 097 branch you can see quite a few examples of this in action.


Sorry to sound like a stuck record :) But I'll be focusing a lot over the next 2 weeks on tidying up the docs, sorting out the final physics tweaks and getting ready for release. But as always everything is in the public 097 branch too.

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