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Coding style: Good praxise


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First of all: Thanks for doing pixi.js. I love it ^^ Keep on inovating.

Right now im about to port the flixel (flash game framework) way of doing a state based engine to javascript and decidet to break with old traditions - like merging logic, graphic and colligion objects together - and use pixi for an much more advanced gfx output.


Bout my question. I had not rlly understood how you 'build' pixi from its source files. Im sure you might told somewhere how you do it or what kind of tools you are using but. Yeah. Here I'am: I had not found it. Might someone please link me some infos about the coding style and toolchain that got used to create pixi?


In the end I would hate to mix up two different oop libs together. But since im using this jquery-inerhit its more or less exactly what i'am doing right now.



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