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mouseup inside init function?


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I would just like to test whether the mouse has been released (inside the init function).


I know you can set up a mouseup outside of init, just wondering whether you can do this from inside.


I have a bunch of sprites being dragged all setup with as vars, which makes them local to init and I need to test whether they are being dragged/dropped.


Thank you :)

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Ah, I see your problem. :D You can't use mouseup in the init function of the object that is being initiated because the event is triggered on mouse down (which is before the init function). Unfortunately there is no isMouseDown property available.


I suppose you mean that you want to check for mouse down during the init function of a new scene? I suppose it would be possible to check for a mousedown just before you are going to load a new scene.


If you mean the init function of an object WITHIN the scene, it would be pretty straight forward and you could create an isMouseDown property yourself in main.scene. (In that case it would probably be even better to create some sort of  isSomethingDragged property in game.scene instead).

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Hi Stephan


Thank you for your help :)


I managed to solve this when I realised how attaching mouse events to objects works, especially when also taking touch into consideration.


The mouseupoutside event was giving me trouble, but now I understand it well ...


myObject.mouseupoutside = myObject.touchendoutside = function() {

    // Do something when the player releases the object and the x/y of the pointer or touch, is not on the object itself


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