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Free Platformer code


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Hi all, 


I was having a look at some code for a platformer and decided I didn't like the way

the character locked on to the platform before having finished jumping.


So I made my own code,  Woo Hoo!


In my version I use the createjs class for my bitmap images, other than that, it's just js.


I've used 'base' , 'base2', and 'base3' as platforms - same image - just scaled and loaded

with different id's - but do it your way - doesn't matter. Whatever image will work.


You can determine the width and height of an image apart from it's actual width and height.

So say you have a platform image 10px height but half of that image is a drop shadow.

Simply call the the image; myImage.height = 5; then your character won't bang it's head

on a drop shadow. X and Y values for platforms are recorded just where you put them.


In the below code there is no platform that shares the same same y co-ordinate but that would be easy.


if (character.y < platform1.y && character.x > platform1.x + 400 && character.y < Platform2.y){   //plus 400 is width of platform 1

platform2 = path}  /// DON"T SHOOT ME / HAVEN'T TRIED THIS YET.


first make a path...

function path(width, height, x, y){	this.width = width;	this.height = height;	this.x = x;	this.y = y;}

easy.   Then.....

if(helpmeghost.y < base.y){		path = base;}elseif(helpmeghost.y > base.y &&    helpmeghost.y < base2.y){		path = base2;}elseif(helpmeghost.y > base.y &&    helpmeghost.y > base2.y &&    helpmeghost.y < base3.y){		path = base3;}

Wow! Basic.

		vy+=gravity;      //apply gravity to downward motion					if (inAir){    //if not touching platform apply gravity to ghost			helpmeghost.y+=vy;		}		if (vy>15){//limit falling speed			vy=15;		}									if (				helpmeghost.x >= path.x && 				helpmeghost.x <= path.width && 				helpmeghost.y >= path.height &&				helpmeghost.y >= path.y)				{				helpmeghost.y=path.y; 		// set pos of ghost to platform/base/path				vy=0; 						// switch gravity off				jumping = false;				inAir = false;							}else{				inAir = true;			}					if(helpmeghost.x>=550){helpmeghost.x = 550}  //keep ghost on stage		if(helpmeghost.x<=60){helpmeghost.x =60}

You can see all the code (I wouldn't look at it unless I had to) and results here...



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Hi no not yet, it's all in progress at the moment.


Also the current version is shortened for testing - so not much game play - actually hang on a minute


There, lasts for longer now..


The eyeballs will grow on the various platforms and my ghost will have to squash them

before they explode. If they explode -1000 points. If they get squashed +1000 points.

It'll be a couple of days maybe. Happy dreams SEE you later.

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