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How to isolate Items from a Blender loaded scene


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I'm new to BJS and so this question might be a no brainer for the ninjas but I can't find the answer combing through the forums and the online tutorials.


I'd like to use the "BABYLON.SceneLoader.Load" but I don't know how to isolate the imported items individualy.


When I use "BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh" I can just set "whatever = newMeshes[0];" and then reposition it, apply gravity... you know ...whatever you want with BJS calls.


There has to be a command I can use to isolate the meshes,lights,and cameras that were imported in (preferabley by name). I just don't know the command set up and I can't find a example of someone using "SceneLoader.Load" and then changing individual items from that scene.


Like I said, this is probably 101 to most here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.  



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