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QGis plugin


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I had no clue what QGIS was but thanks to Bing I know now that it is related to geographical data: http://www.qgis.org/fr/site/


So, dear Bruce, we have no plugin for this but one of our customer can definitely help you: http://dotvision.com/


Feel free to contact them!


And if you want to create this plugin, just let me know I can help you :)

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thank you,


I had a look at Dotvision, I'm impressed by the result, but it seems a bit huge for my case, I will contact them.


There is actually https://github.com/minorua/Qgis2threejs which does the trick for three.js.

But I would prefer to use BJS, which successfully displays in my Windows Phone 8 app in a phone:browser component and also supports the Oculus Rift in the desktop browser.


I only have one week to put it all together, so I'm going to code something to meet my needs. 

I guess I won't have time to create this plugin as I'm already in the process of learning BJS.

May be a heightmap will do the trick...

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