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Found 7 results

  1. may be somebody dealt with this before... - the game has an animated intro, either in mp4, spine or html5 - is there any known criteria to put or not a PLAY button at the beginning? - should the intro start playing right away or wait for the user click on the play button? - is there any issue or restriction on mobile, iphone, android that requires the play button? - an immediate intro play would fire a "suspicious activity" detection by chrome or safari? Any tip is welcome!
  2. Since I didn't see an Introduction area of the forum, I figured I would make one by saying: Hello! =) I am new to the forum, and would like to hear about what everybody is up to! My Introduction: I am popcrate, I've always had a passion for making games. As a kid, I used to make board games (monopoly clones and other eccentric/indescribable games) and learned how to program some simple things in the BASIC language. As I grew up I taught myself some Java by reading the on-line documentation. Now I'm learning more general programming languages to work on fundamentals, and want to learn HTML 5 to make some games! My favorite types of games are anything mmo and interactive, with a preference toward rpgs. I loved the zelda games, however I always enjoy a good storyline and/or puzzle so I've dabbled with games like Myst and Zork in the past. I'm on the hunt for some good resources to reacquaint myself into the HTML world, or any tips/tricks to stay developing
  3. Hello, below I show you a new intro of Fighting Street game for TurboGrafx-16 / PC-Engine console. It is a port of Street Fighter 1. Check it out Repository with Assets: Thanks!
  4. Hi guys! This is a my first post on Html5 game dev forum. Let me show you a Street Fighter 1 intro in a mini project that I made days ago. I share with you. Below I leave a link with a github repository where you will find the assets + source. There are two version of release code. Check it out Repository: Thanks!
  5. Greetings folks. I'm putting together a little book(let)/eBook about getting into video game development as part of a college project. It will be aimed at those unsure about what game development is all about and where to get started. The likes of school leavers wondering what to do next, those wanting a career change, hobbyists and those who don't have access to video game specific education. Basically, if you already consider yourself a game developer, this is going to be the book that you will wish you had when you were a kid. The book is not going to be a monotonous grind through wall after wall of text like I see in every other book that tries to explain this topic. I find those very dull and can be a chore to read through, and I believe they do not really reflect the creativity and fun of game development. There is a book that I love called HTML & CSS, Jon Ducket, that is amazing in how it presents information to the reader in an interesting and easily digestible way, that I will be drawing a lot of inspiration from. If you haven't read it, it's definitely worth a look. I don't proclaim to be an authority on anything, and am looking for input and contributions from more experienced practitioners. Things like: Valuable lessons that you have learned that you think anyone wanting to get into game development should know.Challenges you have had to overcomeThings that you wish you knewWhat expectations to have. How does the reality compare to what you imagined?I understand that a lot of this has been asked a hundred times before, so if you know of any existing articles or posts that stand out to you, let me know. Don't be afraid that something might sound stupid or obvious or condescending. To someone who knows very little, anything you say could mean a lot. Anyone is welcome to pitch in. I'm looking for input from seasoned veterans, indie start-ups, '9 to 5'ers, freelancers, anyone with something valuable to share. Please keep the target audience in mind with your replies. Think about what they would want to find. Sources and examples will be much appreciated as this will help me when checking/validating any info before I add it. PLEASE critique anything. I'm quite thick-skinned when it comes to taking feedback, so pile it on however you feel appropriate. I will be selecting what I believe to be the most relevant pieces of info to add to the book, so not everything that gets posted here will be included. I intend for this to be a quick read, finish-able in maybe a few days of casual flicking through. It is meant to be an overview and introduction. Many other books cover specifics should a reader develop an interest. Know of some exceptional resources for learning about more specific topics that I could direct readers to? Let me know. The book will likely be made public domain for anyone to use however they please as I do not plan on commercializing it. Early versions will be made viewable as soon as I can for feedback. Thanks in advance for any responses.
  6. Hello everyone. Last monday there was a meetup in Madrid about an introduction to phaser and how develop videogames with it. The talk is in Spanish. The Spanish people in the community will enjoy with the video. Here is the material used during the talk. Spanish comunity: Video by Alejandro Arroyo Duque: github: Slides: Online Demo: A greeting! Espero que os guste
  7. Hi Everyone, Kyle here from I'm a web dev, and recently launched to help indie devs find publishers for their game. We support a number of platforms, including HTML 5 games! I've been referred to html5gd numerous times, figured I'd hop in here and introduce myself. Quick bio: I'm 25, live in the greater Boston area. I started developing sites when I was 13, or 14, or 15, I can't remember. I sold my first site (a pimp name generator, coded in php) when I was 16 to the founder of, which is how I came to run the site for years. Been developing sites & web based companies since and have a strong grasp on monetization & licensing games. I blog a little bit at and write a game blog at GB, But also skimboard / snowboard / *board and just published my 1st vid of the season this past weekend Looking forward to learning more about html5 games, and I'll definitely be dabbling in some game development. Lucky for me, I also have a wacom... but unlucky for me, my art attributes are like -565 pts