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Does anyone have or know of any great (and free ideally) libraries for sound effects and music for games?


It's one thing to code and design a great game, but what about sound? Where do you get your effects from? Do you record your own or buy some from certain websites?


Is there a specific format for games or can you use anything from mp3 to WAV?


What other considerations need to be considered?


Thanks in advance :)



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There is a site I use that has great sound effects (which I don't tend to share). They normally charge $1-$4 per sound effect, and since I knew I was planning to use a lot of sound effects in some of my upcoming major projects I paid $1000 for a hard drive collection of all of their audio. And that was on a half price sale ;) A pricey investment, but well worth it.


For music, I either work with a professional musician I'm in contact with (and incredibly lucky to have found), or for my free games I head over to Newgrounds.com

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