Crunch compression and Pixi

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4 hours ago, GBear said:

  1. which format is good between png(8bit by tinyPNG) and etc1+mask
       - png is very very small but i don't know how bad than compressed textures on gpu about performance or memory
         compressed textures is bigger than png so download time is long.. this is big issue..
         so i'm wondering about which format is good...  

        I need two thing T-T (performance and download time) 

        do you know how much frame is up by texturecompressing by tested spine?

Texture compression helps if the device has not enough videomemory. In other cases, loading time for png is much better. You know that I use gzip compression on nginx and lighttpd for DDS and PVR formats, I wrote about it before.

What do you mean "its packed" ? How exactly do you pack your atlas?

I hope to help you and see your project soon :) I know that you are doing something epic. I'm implementing 2.5D plugin that can help in your case too :)

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@ivan hi.  

yes you told me before.. thx..  i will test hard...


What do you mean "its packed" ? How exactly do you pack your atlas?

My atlas(s) are packed  by zip..and it will be encrypted. (but not yet)


always thx.. a lot..



do you have idea to optimize pixi.js or spine  like deleting codes that not using

if i don't use skew... delete it..
if i don't use spine_mesh delete it..



my like following things

first. i have to optimize cpu's usage and high usage is like following things

         - first. updatetransform 

         - second spine

        - third   many update function

second memory (because of mobile. specially IOS)

        - texture, sound, garbage collect management, etc.....

third frame up by gpu
         - i don't know about this yet.
         - Frame that using texture compression  looks better than using PNG, 


this is my problems and i have to resolve...






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