[Phaser] Super Endless Kingdom Mega Quest Extreme

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Hi, I'm working on my first game using Phaser. 

Super Endless Kingdom is a top-down arcade shooter/rpg with resource/city management elements. I still consider it to be in beta although it is fully playable and released on Kongregate here:

I'd really appreciate any comments, feedback or suggestions anyone has. Also if you can take the time to give the game a rating that would really help (I think part of the reason for the low rating so far is that Kongregate weights a games score down if a game doesn't receive enough real ratings, anyone with more experience could perhaps shed some light on this).





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That was really neat! I played it for far longer than I expected. I played on Newgrounds and using the up/down arrow keys scrolled the page, which was a bit annoying (so you may want to fix that) but otherwise it was great. I liked Questing, and got to stage 6 on a quest and earned lots of money, but it didn't give me any XP at all *sulk*. Also ran out of funds by giving my services too much funding :)

Great little concept though, nice one.

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Thanks, glad you liked it :). The XP award counts down as awarding it in a chunk seemed to be confusing people, so you should have got some but it ends up displaying 0 when it's all been awarded. I'll have a look at making that more obvious. I'll have a look into the scrolling issue too, does anyone have any ideas how to stop that happening or is it best to just avoid using arrow keys?

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