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Hi, my name is erandros, I'm 27 and I'm from Argentina.

I'm a 5 yr exp. web developer with pretty good experience in javascript but at some point in my life, I want to work as a game developer. I tried many times to do stuff, but I feel that working on my own is very tedious and lonely. I think I would much rather start by helping other people to do their stuff.

I tested different engines here and there, so I have some experience regarding games and how do they work. I'm mostly used to 2d games, but if someone wanted to show me their 3d game I'm totally ok with that.

And if I feel like "wow, I would like to collab with this guy" I'll let you know. But at the very least we get to socialize fellow gamedev/gamer and who knows maybe make friends, and if you have something done, then I can offer some feedback at least code organization wise.

And if you don't have anything done, you can contact me as well.

And from my end I can show you everytime I nail some cool shader code.

Cheers :D

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Heya! I'm making a turn based strategy game, think of it as  Heroes of Might and Magic 3 combined with Magic: The Gathering. Also inspired by chess and mobas. It's using Phaser game engine. Official website is over here - has a pre-alpha prototype, which you can find the source for over here - could use some help with fixing bugs and implementing new features. Feel free to drop by our Discord server

I'm around there on daily basis. Everyone is welcome, even if not planning on contributing code and such; really need to build a community around the project :)


Best regards,


v0.3 Dark Forest.jpg

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Hello Erandros,

I'm currently developing a Point and Click game with Phaser based on the TV Show Stranger Things. I'm looking for interested people to help with this project.


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