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dear friends,

I don't understand the  2 lines of code below.  please help me

if ( > shootTime)


nut = nuts.getFirstExists(false);



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If you're using Phaser time then it will probably be (never used it myself so I might be wrong) a certain increasing value that can be used to measure how much time elapsed since a certain event. You don't really care about the initial value - all you need to know it's displayed in milliseconds and it increments accordingly.

So at a certain point in your code you could say:

var shootTime =; 

Later in code you could check if a certain amount if time elapsed like this (checks if 1000 milliseconds have passed and does something):

var mSeconds = 1000;

if( > (shootTime + mSeconds)){

//do stuff



var shootTime = + 1000;//stores the current time + 1000 milliseconds

if( > shootTime){

//do something



Like I said, you took those two lines out of the context so I can't really be sure to what those variables are pointing. 

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