Skinny to fat 3D model morphing

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I am trying to make an online character creator, in the style of sims.

I was wondering where to start in terms of adjusting the fat or a skinniness of a rigged 3D model, what variables are involved, what are the prerequisites?

If there is something that exists there that I could build off of, that would be great.


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Assuming you have both, they are the exact same # of verts, and in the same place, you could make the positions of one be the morph target of the other.  If you are exporting from Blender & probably 3DS Max, you will likely not end up with these conditions met.  The process each uses to organize materials & make efficient indexes of GEO means you will get minor differences.  They do handle exporting of the 3.0 BJS morph targets directly though.  This is something that probably is only going to work upstream for these sources.

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