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Panda Remote (iOS) Changing Orientation Bug

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Hi @enpu

I'm on 11.2.1

game.config = {
    name: '',

    system: {
	    hires: 4,
	    width: 320,
	    height: 320,
        retina: true,
        resize: true,
        hiresDeviceSize: true
    loader: {
        showAd: false,
        showBar: true,
        showText: false,
        showLogo: false

    mobile: {


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On 2018/1/10 at 7:05 PM, Ninjadoodle said:

Hi @ enpu

When changing orientation with Panda remote (on iPhone), half of the screen goes white and shifts the content.

Let me know if you need a guide project.

Thank you!

Maybe my situation is the worst.i am using iPhone 6, (A 1589)

I install and use it access my iPhone , but  the connection failed, and the phone data was lost for this reason.  This is the first time I have experienced this.but it wasn't the first time to use Panda remote

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