Change edges of decahedron

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I'm trying to increase the sizeY of a decahedron (Type 11 of polyhedra) like the one here http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#AFXASF

to make it more like type (10 - Triangular Dipyramid (J12)) but with 10 faces (in general make it look more like a rombus/diamond/etc, more pointy at Y). Is there a way?

Types are from here: https://babylonjsguide.github.io/intermediate/Polyhedra_Shapes.html



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Hiya MD!  Essentially, taller?  https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#AFXASF#4

It was "a bitch" to do, and I did lots of guessing.  :)

Disable lines 34-36, and re-RUN.  You can see that these darned polyhedra... are "crooked" within their boundingBoxes.  So, scaling them along any "sane" axis.. is a pain.

So, line 34 is Wingnut... doing trial/error... to get the mesh to be level with the camera (approximately - might need tweaking). 

Then, line 35... bake that rotation... weld that puppy in-place.

Line 36... do some scaling on the Y-axis. 

I hope I was helpful.  Maybe polyhedra-God @jerome will visit this thread, and we can ask him if better axial-alignment by-default...is possible.  @JohnK too... these guys are hot hedra-folk!  Super-Hedroids!  :)

SOME of those advanced 237-sided polyhedra are SO complicated... that it is difficult to determine "proper" orientations (where the axes should go).

Pick a rotation and bake it, I suppose.  :)  Whatever LOOKS good.  heh. 

Thank goodness for bakeCurrentTransformIntoVertices(), eh?  *nod*  Its 'got milk'.  :D

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