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CustomMaterial does not work anymore

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depuis ce changement dans CustomMaterial> this._shouldTurnAlphaTestOn (mesh) Or maybe before

La texture rend mon modèle de terrain complètement invisible.

Chaque fois que quelque chose est modifié dans CustomMaterial, il y a toujours un problème.

Quel que soit le modèle, s'il utilise CustomMaterial, le modèle ne s'affiche plus.



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For my projects terrainEditor and HeroonEngine. I can paint up to 8 diffuse textures. Other materials like TerrainMaterial only allow up to 3 textures.

CustomMateriel allowed me to create 8 textures on the field that can receive shadows, lights...

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Hi @NasimiAsl.

Did you succeed for the removal of old_standardVersion?

I have users who ask me for HeroonEngine what I'm waiting for to correct the terrain that no longer appears, but I can only say that it does not depend on me.

Do you have news for this new CustomableMaterial?

Even a minimized scene, CustomMateriel absolutely does not work at all.

Thank you

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Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED
babylon.shadowOnlyMaterial.js Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

 i download last version and Build in VSCode and Run debug by Playground and have that error :( 

* my build out put just have this part

[10:51:21] Using gulpfile D:\Git4\Babylon.js\Tools\Gulp\gulpfile.js
[10:51:21] Starting 'srcTscWatch'...
10:51:37 AM - Compilation complete. Watching for file changes.

[10:51:37] Finished 'srcTscWatch' after 16 s
[10:51:37] Starting 'watch'...
[10:51:37] Finished 'watch' after 133 ms
[10:51:37] Starting 'webserver'...
[10:51:37] Webserver started at http://localhost:1338
[10:51:37] Finished 'webserver' after 17 ms
[10:51:37] Starting 'run'...
[10:51:37] Finished 'run' after 3.32 μs



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