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Hi gang!

  Once before, I tried adding mousewheel to FreeCamera.  I try again, for fun.

Watch console.  Working okay, so far.

But, you know, I would like mousewheel to move camera along direction vector returned-from scene.activeCamera.getDirection(BABYLON.Axis.Z)

Currently, mousewheel moves camera along worldspace Z axis.

If someone could fix line 33, so that camera moves along dir.z axis, that would be swell.  Thanks!

For a longer-term solution, does anyone think it would be wise/useful... to add babylon.freeCameraMouseWheelInput.ts to this list: ?

The way I am using... is small and works pretty good, but it is not using the camera inputs system.  Maybe it should?  *shrug*  Comments welcome on that.  thx.

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