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Oh ok, sorry I misunderstood. In that case, I'm already doing this ...

game.scene.buttonFacebook = new game.Sprite('buttonFacebook.png');

game.scene.buttonFacebook.position.set(416, 736);
game.scene.buttonFacebook.interactive = true;

game.scene.buttonFacebook.mousedown = function() {'');


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Your code sure is correct. Mobile Safari seems to block all pop-ups by default, that can be changed from settings.

You can also just change the url with

window.location.href = '';

Though that will change the url of the current browser window, meaning it will completely exit your game. But that code should work anywhere, not just at interactive function.

I just fixed to work on the editor, will be on next release.

Also need to make changes to Panda Remote so it works there too, and when exporting as native app.

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