Render 8192 x8192 px one frame and save

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Maybe try something like this.  I do something like this to make WEBM videos of arbitrary resolution via canvas.toDataUrl('image/webp', quality).  toDataUrl works with 'image/jpeg' too.

In the playground, I could not get my canvas sizing to obey, but this does work outside of PG.  I also do not know how to write the .jpg file correctly.  It is commented out.  If you un-comment the afterrender registration, it takes the capture & puts it on a new page.

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**. it is depend to Graphic card too

use this method 

 BABYLON.Tools.CreateScreenshotUsingRenderTarget(engine, camera, 1024 * 16);

more than 4096 have some download error in chrome 

image.png.ef04a2fe982a3ad522ab4885964d7788.png  network error  that not happen in Firefox

for use BABYLON.Tools.CreateScreenshot method you most change resolution  and manage fps for stop live rendering

(that not good at all )



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