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Pixi plugin issues

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I was playing with pixi plugin, with the intention to add some filters to my game. I noticed two problems:

1. When I add a filter to my Container which only has one circle shape (rotating in update function). The filter is just a square,  with the width of the circle radius, rotating inside the circle.

2. I have two progress bars in my game, which are simply rectangles changing their width in update function by MyContainer.shapes[0].shape.width. After adding pixi plugin rectangle width no longer updates. The width values are correct but there is no update on the screen.

I'm using latest pixi plugin version with 2.8.2dev

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These should be now fixed.

Update PixiJS plugin to 1.2.4 and engine to latest dev.

Note that in WebGL, Graphics shapes doesn't get updated if you just change the dimensions of a shape. Instead you need to clear the graphics object and draw the shape again. In your case, better solution would be to draw the shape with it's max width, and then just change the x scale of the graphics object. Just like in this loader tutorial:


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