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Align / Center Text

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Hi @enpu

I'm having a little bit of trouble with aligning text.

I have a countdown time which basically starts at 20 and counts down to 0. Th issue I'm having is that it's always either left / right justified, when it get's updated.

Do I need to manually recenter the text every time it gets updated with a new number?

This is the code I'm using to set it up. (I've tried both 'align' and 'anchor' separately).

this.countdownTxt = new game.Text('20', {
    align: 'center'
this.countdownTxt.anchor.set(this.countdownTxt.width / 2, this.countdownTxt.height / 2);
this.countdownTxt.position.set(640, 64);

Thanks in advance!

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align property is used only on multi-line text, so you can remove that.

To recenter you do have to set the x anchor after you change your text (because the width of the text changes), like this:

this.countdownTxt.anchor.x = this.countdownTxt.width / 2;


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