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Hi Everyone!

Today, I present my new online game: Online Solitaire (

  • Daily mode (Every day new level);
  • 4 Game Mode for 100% solvable levels (1 Card/3 Cards, Normal/Vegas, more 6000 levels);
  • Random Mode (Generate random deck, can be not solvable);
  • Solitaire Solver (If you do not complete level, you can use solver to check solution);
  • Undo;
  • Facebook connect;
  • Top score for daily mode;
  • Backup (restore game if you close browser);
  • Magic button (help);
  • Restore progress system (if you logined, you can restore progress on other devices and browsers).

It is the third game for Cool.Logic project (previous games: Online Mahjong, Online Sudoku) and the most hard game for me from this serie.
I made easy level generator, but not all levels was solvable.I made solver, it checks levels for solutions.
But some levels has several solutions and solver spend a lot of time to find all of them.
I optimized solver for only one solutions and find solution no more 30 sec for random level.
My solver can generate around 1000 levels per night. (I generated levels at night 😊)

It was interest project for me. Play and leave your feedback.


Mobile Versions:





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