[WIP] Fibula - 2D realtime MMORPG (tibia-like)

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So I'm working on this game on my spare time.

I'm trying to merge alot of what I think resembles a good game with some(alot?) own ideas. You might find it close looking like Tibia. 



Quite unique spell system (in my opinion). You craft spells, so the same spell can have different abilities or have different cast styles. 

Here's an example of magic wall and poison cloud:


Here's another example, but from your spellbook. In the spellbook you have all your spells that you know. They all have different properties, which are random when learned. You can have 2 spells selected at the same time (as of now, might increase in the future). 

As you can see in the vid, the spells have different properties:

Draw/Single: Different throwing styles, either point and shoot, or draw, where you draw where you want to shoot the spell, and hit space to fire it off.

CD: Cooldown, how long it takes until you can shoot this spell again.

MAC: Max Affected Coords - Crappy name, but if you have a draw with MAC of 5, you can pick 5 tiles to fire the spell on.


Fight of undefined mobs that are attacking you. Are capable of throwing spells and are of various size. The Red Dragon is 3x3 tiles big and throws scary fireballs.


Chop down trees, mine ores or grab a machete to get som wheat or even flax.


Use your harvested items to create weapons, armors 


Create your own town, claim land(tiles) and build walls around it. Invite your friends to your town.

Drag and drop inventory system

Large map

The map can be quite large, tested with 25 000 000 tiles so far. (5000 x 5000).

Technical details

The game is made with HTML5 and mostly VanillaJS. Some Vue.js to structure different modules such as the inventory.

Would be happy with some feedback/ideas whatever to keep my motivation up :)
Still BIGWIP..



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13 hours ago, jacobf said:

I get this

502 Bad Gateway

nginx/1.14.0 (Ubuntu)

Hi Jacobf, 

It's up again now, was updating some stuff locally, and had to turn the server off. Forgot to turn it on again.

So please try again :)

The login is not polished, so after logging in, refresh the page a few times if all you see is white..

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Working on new sprites, using the LPC  character sheet.

I want people to see their armor and gear they are using, which they don't do in Tibia, which I think is 'meh'. When working with implementing all armors and weapons, I figured out it's quite hard to keep it easy to add new weapons/armors without having to create specific version for all directions a charachter may walk.

So far I have 3 gears that are customizable, armor, sword and shield. 

So for each slottype, I skew it a little bit and resize it to fit the sprite. It's not perfect so far, but it's good enough. See the attached image, and the movie-link to see it in action. This way, I can insert any weapon sprite that is 64x64 and have the handle in the same place, I will generate a new character specific spritesheet.

This is not published to the test-version yet, but will release it later this week hopefully.




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Introduced blocking. If you are wielding a shield, you can hold right mouse button to shield yourself in 1 of 8 directions. 

If you're getting hit from the direction you're blocking, and your shield can successfully block the amount of damage, you will mitigate 100% of the damage done. 

See this short video for a little showcase:




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19 hours ago, bg23 said:

Hello,  I try to register but register is not working. 

Hi bg23,

Please try now, if register don't work, try login as it might have registered you already.

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On 1/5/2019 at 7:04 PM, que said:

Hi bg23,

Please try now, if register don't work, try login as it might have registered you already.



Thank you very much it is ok now.


Best regards

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