depth map only has 1 bit color depth

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I am having a hard time getting a depth map to work within my project. I understand that the depth map should be a grey scale image with the elements closer to the camera being colored darker.

In my project though, I only get a 1 bit image (the plane on the left has the depthMap as a diffuseTexture). I tried my depth map code on the playground and I get the desired outcome, but I can't port my whole project to the playground. 

Does anyone know what could cause this issue?



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We always welcome added explanations to the documentation including any example playgrounds that help clarify the issue. All documentation PRs are reviewed and help and advice given, if needed, to produce a successful submission. If you have not done so have a read through this post 

One missing point - after


To get all the tools used by the site, just execute the following command line: "npm install" (just do it once)

You need to do

npm install -g grunt-cli

Any problems let us know.


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