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[OverKnight] Roguelike card game

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Hi everyone, we are a small team of indie developers currently developing a HTML5 game for mobile which is basically a roguelike card game.

The game is currently in alpha, and we would like you guys to try it out and give us some feedback.







You can play the game by simply clicking this link:

(Play the game in fullscreen on mobile by adding the the url bookmark to your home screen)


It is still in development, so please bear with the lack of features, BGM SE etc.

Please help fill up this form, or simply leave your comments below.


We have just created a facebook page for this project, so do like us to get updates on the game if you like it!


Thank you in advance! :)

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Really nice. Fun to play, felt very polished, particularly for an alpha.

I tried on my laptop with a trackpad, going to go through the add to homepage on my phone.

The initial load was horrific, took like 20 seconds which seemed to just be the weight/volume of images, can this be optimised by using a single spritesheet of images? Service worker worked great though, second load was super quick.

I did have a little difficulty with playing the cards, might be a trackpad issue mostly, will try on my phone to see if touch controls feel more responsive. Having said that, I did get used to it, there was just a bit of initial friction between peeking at a card and actually playing it.

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Hi thanks for trying out our game!

Yes, the initial load is something we need to improve on. Currently it is loading all the card images at the start, so it should improve once we segment them.

We will take note of the controls on the trackpad too!

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I'm an engineer of this game.

thank you for playing 😀

It seems there is the cache problem with iOS's home icon sometimes. 

if you cannot see new version, please try it with browser from URL.

we just updated to v0.0.4. 😁

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