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(Solved) about publish an apk file to play store

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Hello everyone and happy new year.

I am very happy to create my new HTML5 platformer game made using Panda2.

I tried to use Panda2 to build apk file and publish this to play store,

finally, I unsuccessful



The following is my step

Firstly, I follow the tutorial to create keystore

Here is my code 

keytool -genkey -v -keystore super-key.keystore -alias superalias -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 1000

After i have created my keystore file(super-key.keystore) and place it at the root of my project folder


and fill in the input field  to the Android Signing settings:



and click 'Build' button

Panda2 is built the release.apk successfully.

but when I upload to play store, it still displays debuggable error 

Do I need to create a config.xml file and type this script  android:debuggable="false"  on it???

or I missed a step???

Thank you so much. thanks

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I tried to use Cordova to build apk for my game and upload to google play console.

it uploaded successfully



I hope that I can using Panda2 Editor to build apk and upload to google play console.

but google play always show I uploaded debuggable apk,  any idea? or I missed a step???


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