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I just updated the site with all your suggestions:

  • Using Tilemaps
  • HTML 5 Shoot 'em Up in an Afternoon
  • How to make a Flappy Bird in HTML5 - Part 3

You can browse all the tutorials here: lessmilk.com/phaser-tutorial/ 

I should probably spend some time to sort the tutorials, and put more emphasis on the ones who use Phaser 2.0.x



Do Phaser.io provide any javascript doc and Ebook for learning ?


Phaser documentation: docs.phaser.io

Phaser examples: examples.phaser.io

There are no official Phaser book for now, but for your information I wrote on on discoverphaser.com

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Hey just created a new tutorial:


HTML5 Phaser Tutorial - Top-down games with Tiled


It covers level creation with Tiled, loading these levels in Phaser and making a basic top-down game starter which you could use for RPGS, rogues or NES Zelda-like games.


@LessMilk any chance you can add this one and the previous one to the Community tutorials page? Thanks!!

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Great list. Thanks for taking the time to create it.


I have tried Phaser before and I was wondering if there are some step - by step tutorial on how to create cross - platform games using Phaser. 


It would be nice to have some tutorials related to deploying your game on different platforms.


Thank you again for this great list.  :)

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I recently wrote a series of 6 articles about how I developed the game 'Gravity Quest' using Phaser. The series comprises the following parts:

  1. Introduction and technology choice
  2. Gameplay design and implementation
  3. Gameplay implementation: collision detection
  4. Visuals and sound
  5. Level design
  6. Distribution

All articles are available through http://www.wittern.net/ or through the first article at http://www.wittern.net/articles/introduction_and_technology_choice.html. Three of the articles were already featured on http://phaser.io/.


Commented source code of the demos presented in the articles is available at https://github.com/ErikWittern/gravityquest_demo.

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I've wrote tutorial how to create mini-game in the cloud using Phaser and MightyEditor http://mightyfingers...me-with-editor/ . 


Tutorial is covering some aspects of game development: game states, asset management, sprite animations, physics, collisions, overlapping, input & controls. At the end there is playable game prototype in less than 140 code lines.


Benefits for user:
+ no installing, configuring software required, just Google Chrome browser
+ helps for team work

+ game hosting is for free



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