[WIP] [Phaser] SushiDoku!

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A Sudoku puzzle game using sushi tiles in an isometric view.






The basic goal is to fill the 9x9 board with sushi tiles by first highlighting the desired sushi tile on the top black board and then selecting the destination on the board.


Each type of sushi must fit one and only one time on each row and column along with only once in each 3x3 section similar to the Sudoku rules using numbers.


- The 'How to Play' button is not functional. Sorry.


Much obliged any feedback especially from mobile phone and tablet users. 





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Hi guys, 

Thanks for the great pointers.  

At first I was thinking to force the view into landscape but not sure if that can be done for mobile, or else just put up a screen requesting player to use in landscape. Then I noticed that portrait mode on my mobile doesn't look too bad and a bit more complete rows are visible then in landscape.

So I need to give that some more thought.


Adding a nice background is also great idea. Perhaps a mountain and river scene or beautiful geisha?

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Hello everyone,



The beta version of SushiDoku is now out, here are the updated url link and screen shots.


Things that have been changed or added:


1) There's a table and background below the placement board.

2)  Sushi "boats" now float around the board with a bubble that changes color to indicate freshness.

     The player must first select a "sushi boat" then select the desired location on the board.

      When a selected sushi is placed on the board, the bubble will turn Green. 

     a)  Green indicates that new sushi will appear shortly.

      B)  Clear is new sushi.  All sushi  at the start of game appear this way.

      B)  Blue is fresh sushi.

     c)  Yellow bubble means sushi is getting pretty ripe.

     d)  Orange bubble means sushi is will soon go bad

     e)  Red bubble means sushi has gone bad and the bubble cannot be selected from.

     f)  When all bubbles turn red, the game is over.

3) Bonus points:

    a)  Bonus points when a row, column or 3x3 sudoku  section is filled.

    B)  Multiple bonus when a piece placed will complete either of 2: row, column, 3x3 section.

    c)  Super bonus when a piece placed  completes all 3 of row, column and 3x3 section.

4) Penalties:

    a)  When player removes a tile from the board -10 points.

5) Music and Sound FX.

6) Added "Rotate To Landscape" 

7) Levels screen added.



   1)  Delay and blank screen sometimes between scenes

   2)  Sound/Music sometimes does not play on android or iOS mobile device. Desktop usually no issues.


   3) Right now fullscreen is "forced" on desktop. Need to make optional.

   4) Chrome browser on android sometimes crashes. not sure why.

   5)  Graphics have some artifacts and alignment issues.






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