[WIP] [Phaser] Mayhem

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Thought I would upload my latest incarnation - Mayhem.


It's a straightforward shoot-em-up. Destroy the powerdomes to progress, while every else is trying to kill you. There are power ups for more weapons and health. Stick around too long and waves of hunters come looking for you.


The controls are simple enough- cursor keys to move and space to fire - but the mobile controls are different to the desktop. On the mobile, anywhere in the the bottom right area is your fire button, whilst the remainder of the screen is a virtual joystick. There is no central point for the joystick - it's where you put your finger down. This part is very much a work in progress, but you can read about the concept here -


post-50-0-19985500-1407747857.png post-50-0-61073800-1407747887.png


Stick around on the title screen for info on the enemies, objectives and controls.


You can play the game here -


Right now, there are 3 levels getting progressively difficult. Eventually, there will be eight landscapes, and once complete, you go round again only this time much harder.


It's the first full Phaser game I've done,so there's a lot of learning in there. 


Hope you like it, and any feedback is always welcome. Enjoy!




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Thanks for the feedback Rich,

When you say too slow, are you playing on the mobile or desktop? The mobile controls are still a work in progress, the idea is it creates a virtual joystick where you put your finger down, but you soon start trying to drag in the direction you want to go instead of left and right to rotate, so some work needed there.

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Thanks Rich,

I've updated the game with a few tweaks to make it more playable.

  • Rotation and speed of the ship are faster.
  • You no longer get damaged by explosions - it was proving too difficult to avoid them.
  • Picking up a weapon increase now give a small health increase as well.

So far, the best I've managed is level 12 - 337,800.

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