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Found 3 results


    WebGL Cloth

    Hi, I'm very glad to greet all of you. I'm new. I'm not a programmer. I dedicate myself to the artistic part. I'm a 3d designer. But a few months ago, I'm in a project. In which we have a problem I hope you can give me some of your time and have answers that help to dispel my doubts. The direct question is possible to export an object either obj, threejs or some other format that is loaded in the code and to be able to apply the cloth function that is found in the physical motors either babylon.js cannon.js oimo.js etc I hope you can understand my question Thank you
  2. Hi I'm starting to love programming in Babylon.js but I do not know how to do it. I am modeling a scene created 3D Max, exported Babylon.js (save this page). I leave several files but do not know how to take each scene objects and encourage them to coordinate parameters to then play one or the other animation as I want. I know it can be done by planning everything from the beginning but I want to take some objects made in 3D Max, put the mechanism progragramació and render it in the browser.
  3. Hi, When exporting scenes from 3d max it permits only a vertex count lesser than 65### (eg:- 65535 ). It gives a error when exporting if this limit is over. But i want to export a scene with many complex objects that make vertex count limit of the scene exede. So is there a way or a technique to export such scenes for babylon .
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