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Found 2 results

  1. Simple: I need the Rotation Matrix from the default Arcrotate Camera. I read somewhere in the forum, i need to decompose the Camera Matrix, i can' t find it anymore. Subquestion: It is possible to grab the data via mouseevents ? Thanks' Playground:
  2. So with the PG updated, I can Append now colourful .babylon exports from Blender, I thought I would try exporting the ArcRotate camera from Blender. I added a constraint to the camera in Blender using the "Track To" option. See images below. I did try the other two options but the resulting .babylon files on export contain this for the camera settings: "cameras":[],"activeCamera":"Camera", ie. no camera. The camera in my scene is set up to look along/across the white plane towards the various objects. The "target" object is the sphere. (Settings for the constraint in lower right corner of second image). The exported file using "Track To" option contains the following camera settings: "cameras":[{"name":"Camera","id":"Camera","position":[0,1,-10],"rotation":[0,0,0],"fov":0.8576,"minZ":0.1,"maxZ":100,"speed":1,"inertia":0.9,"checkCollisions":false, "applyGravity":false,"ellipsoid":[0.2,0.9,0.2],"cameraRigMode":0,"interaxial_distance":0.0637,"type":"ArcRotateCamera", "alpha":-1.4389,"beta":-1.5708,"radius":10.0876,"lockedTargetId":"Sphere"}],"activeCamera":"Camera", It specifies an ArcRotateCamera, with data for Alpha, Beta and Radius values - everything looked good So here is the PG I get: Arc Rotate Camera Instead of looking along/across the plane - the camera is looking down at the plane. It appears to be an ArcRotate camera as it seems to rotate around the sphere. If you activate line 14 - everything seems ok. Why do I have to change the "beta" value from -1.5708 to 1.5708 to get what I feel is the desired outcome? Is/are there some setting(s) in the constraint options that need to be tweaked? I tried a couple but no improvement. cheers, gryff