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Found 1 result

  1. Hey everyone! As part of a school project I've been working on a adapting an augmented reality software library called Chilitags into a very simple, very easy to use, more abstract JavaScript framework called Paprika. In short, what it does is allow you to use AR markers as input for your web application (with triggers for position, rotation, specific orientation, visibility, card flipping.) More info on it here: (I would really appreciate if anyone wanted to give a shot at making a small game using Paprika, or adapting one of your existing games/demos to use it, as any feedback from developers would help me with further development. Don't hesitate to contact me privately or through this post if interested.) Anyways, my approach was to implement paper input functionality along with 2 game demos created with Phaser. These demos are far from perfect games, but were mostly done to experiment with the interaction and test the different functionality developed for the framework. But hey I'd still love to hear what you think of them! (ideally you'd have to print the marker cards but there are PNG images which you can download to your phone and show your webcam, detection is pretty robust and works just as good either way.) Asteroids game: this game you control the orientation and color mode of a spaceship using a card. Plays like Asteroids, with color mode mechanics inspired by Ikaruga.It uses one 2-sided card and tests rotation tracking + flipping detection. Traffic Management game: this game you control which lane gets a green light at 4 crossroads, the objective being to let all cars through in the shortest time possible without letting (too many of) them crash.It uses four 1-sided cards and tests orientation.(edit: there's also a simpler, 1 crossroad version of it here I hope you enjoy these!