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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings to everyone I Need casino shop software consisting of casino games. Games HTML5 Keno Roulette Bingo Holdem Poker This system is exactly Example keno and roulette games starts automatically every 5 minutes. players place bets on the shop owner in these 5 minutes. The owner of the shop prints and delivers the coupon as a game description to the player. Coupon game date-time-game number-betting amount-betting options qr code or barcode. This software is owned by Admin and shop admin will upload real money on credit to shop owner The shop owner is able to play the game up to this credit. Games can be found on the market as HTML5 code. Games must be android and iOS compatible I need successful developers to code this system and add games to it.
  2. I thought I would write a quick article on how some game developers have integrated their games into one of our websites. This is how we would offer your games (if you had a casino or skill type game to offer). If you are looking to build your own betting games visit: License your betting games If you take a look at the Sun7Lottery website: Buy Lottery Tickets This sites main genre is the procurement of real lottery tickets. This has nothing to do with HTML5 games however it was never the less put together by a game developer who plugged it into a global procurement agent. This in its own right is fascinating, the procurement agent is either plugged directly into official APIs or is hardwired into official terminals. Now the website consists of a number of items: Our wallet (top right corner), this is just a bit of js that launches the wallet from our main application. The website uses a UUID to identify the merchant. Instant poker games (top right) and below that, slots by SGS (more flash). Below those, you will find slots by InBet which are HTML5 games. In the center of the page below the lottery games are a mix of flash and HTML5 based games. Flash Games (I know...) This developer we met at ICE in London in 2016. They are in the process of moving games from Flash to HTML5, they are popular never the less. My favourite is their blackjack table game. HTML5 Games We met these developers via forums just like this one a number of years back and they produce some excellent HTML5 games. Most of their games are betting styled so you do not actually play them, you simply bet on the outcome. Their most popular game is virtual dogs for some reason. How the games are launched The games are hosted on the game developer servers and our system delivers them to our skins via simple wrappers. So, when you click on the gameplay button, it launches the game into a model and authenticates the user. If you are opting for fun play, your account will be credited automatically and if you are opting for real money play you will be taken to our wallet to either deposit or transfer funds. Application as a skin Essentially the page is a skin with no moving parts. All that stuff happens separately in wrappers and third-party game engines. What makes this really cool is that if we want to change the site to a completely new look and feel, we build it locally and once complete, delete the old one and dump the new one in. Our first iteration of sites where NG based however due to SEO difficulties these have been changed to HTML / PHP using ZF. How does this help you as a game developer? As a game developer, you have complete autonomy over your environment (we do not micro-manage you). Once your game is built and hosted, we connect to it via an API and deliver it to clients through our platform. We have an accounting system that manages your game stats so not much further you will need to do other than build and integrate the game. Want to integrate into our platform? If you have a game you would like to integrate, let us know - would love document a game integration for the community.